Pakserwis Sebastian Drag

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We offer here a packaging service located in lowcost country LCC. Our standard product is a poly bags packaging in multiple materials, from basic polyethylene films to high-barrier co-extruded films. We are able to pack 100.000 Psc bags a day. Engineered material types include: Low-density polyethylene film High-density polyethylene film Clear polypropylene film Ultraviolet (UV) resistant film Anti-static films Rust-resistant film Mailbag film Medical sterilisable films High-barrier nylon films Co-extruded, multi-layer films Mil Spec films Scratch-resistant film Printed plastic bags can include special printed and conversion options for unique, attractive packaging, with a competitive edge. Line, screen or process printed, one or two sides Edge-to-edge bleed printed bags Clear, tinted, opaque and combination clear one side, printed the other side bags Air relief holes Variety of hanger holes Reclosable zippers Tape bags & resealable flaps Tamper-evident seals Easy-open perforations Compartment bags Our in-house graphic arts department will help you design custom bag art for your plastic bag packaging operation. Our expertise in printing on multiple materials ensures your artwork is produced to the highest standards in the flexographic printing industry.

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    Address: Pakserwis Sebastian Drag
    Siedlce 18
    Olawa, 55200, Poland
    Telefon: Tel. +48 0048 664 133 664

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  • Sebastian Drag

    Telefon: +48 664 133 664
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